Kids' WB! "Backlot" Image Campaign

For 2003's continuing adventures with the 3-D animated Kids' WB! logo, we created a fantasy live-action backlot for him to explore astride his trusty steed, Dolly. The 50-spot package opened with this hooplette, in which our rubbery protagonist commandeers a live-action camera dolly in order to make it to his close-up on time. Blur Studio worked hand-in-hand with us on the animation.

Promax Gold 2004, Branding/Image Campaign Using One or More Media
Promax Gold 2004, Branding/Image Spot for "Hooplette"
Promax Gold 2004, ID Campaign
Promax Gold 2004, Children's Program Promotion
Promax Silver 2004, Directing for "Hooplette"