TBS Branding Campaign "Cheers" Spot

Our branding campaign for TBS took us behind the scenes and explored the fun and passion that goes into the hard work of making comedy.

NBC Hairspray Live! Mannequin Challenge

We partnered with NBC Digital and the cast of Hairspray Live! to prove that no matter how hard you try, "You Can’t Stop The Beat." With less than 24 hours from concept to completion, and half an hour to set up and shoot, we created what Entertainment Tonight calls "one of the most elaborate Mannequin Challenges ever.”

E! "The Royals" Launch Campaign

For our sexy launch campaign for E!'s first scripted drama, The Royals, we traveled to London to film the cast in their extraordinary palace locations.

ABC Summer of Service 2016 PSA

When we were asked to envision a new Summer of Service grants campaign for Youth Service America and Disney/ABC Corporate Citizenship, we created this unique stop-motion spot with live actors, using a time-honored technique called "pixilation."

TBS iHeartRadio Awards "Fans Meet Artists" Spot

For TBS's inaugural broadcast of the iHeartRadio Music Awards, we turned their tagline "where fans and artists meet" into a sweet surprise.

TBS Angie Tribeca Emmy Consideration Spot

Rashida Jones brought her innate gravitas to the Emmy consideration spot TBS asked us to shoot and edit for Angie Tribeca.

ABC Family "Chasing Life" Launch Spot

For the launch of ABC Family’s “Chasing Life,” we created a visual metaphor to illustrate the lead character's inner struggle, and her hope.

Disney's Make Your Mark "Filmmaker"

Our Make Your Mark spot profiling a brave young filmmaker won an Emmy Award!

NBC App "Saturday Night Live" Spot

To promote NBC’s app, we took a classic song by the Who and used the chorus as our tag line. We also created the vocal mnemonic ("Streaming now!") for the app.

Friends for Change India "Access to Education"

In our latest spot for Disney's Friends for Change, we helped build a school in a rural village in India, and got nominated for an Emmy!

Esquire This Is Mike Stud Launch "Stream of Unconsciousness" :60

To launch Esquire's new docu-series "This Is Mike Stud," we examined the fan-based phenomenon that spawned a new rap idol.

Freeform "The 5th Wave" Stunt Close

With the help of Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish, we surprised one lucky fan with The 5th Wave Experience. This series of stylish co-branding spots for Sony Pictures aired on the inaugural day of ABC Family's turnover to Freeform, helping to usher in their new vision and aesthetic.

Disney Share the Adventure "Mulan/Merida"

We worked with Disney Channel and Disney Corporate to create a UGC approach for their “Share the Adventure” Princess Weekend. Disney stars recreated their favorite princess moments in a project that was entirely filmed on iPhones and iPads.

"The Time I... Got 322 Pairs of Shoes for My Birthday" with animation by Wayne White

In our Emmy-award-winning The Time I... spot for Disney, we visit a 7-year-old who collected 322 pairs of shoes for Guatemalan orphans.

E! "Fashion Police" Launch Campaign

For E!'s re-launch of Fashion Police with its new star, Kathy Griffin, we wrapped the network's trademark black-and-white branding around the concept of a playful police lineup.

Friends for Change Ecuador "Minga"

Our work on Disney's Friends For Change campaign led us to Ecuador, where we were accompanied by 50 Disney Voluntears from all over the world. It was an impressive display of Disney people really walking the walk!

ABC Summer of Service 2014 PSA

This spot for ABC’s Summer of Service campaign is just one of a series of projects we have produced with our longtime collaborators at Blur Studios.

Disney XD "Tron: Uprising" Launch

To launch their "Tron: Uprising" animated series, Disney XD asked us to initiate its audience into the intricate dynamics of the Tron system. Our hip-hop musical number was nominated for an Emmy!

"JONAS" Main Title Sequence (with Blur Studio)

In collaboration with Blur Studio, we produced a poppy main title sequence for the Jonas Brothers' sitcom JONAS.

Disney's "It's On!" Summer Image Campaign for "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam"

Shooting a huge musical number at the Santa Monica Pier for Disney Channel's summer campaign was a blast!

Disney "High School Musical" 10th Anniversary Teaser

For the 10th anniversary of High School Musical, we brought the stars back together for a nostalgic reunion at a replica of East High. Shot in 90 minutes, and with just 48 hours between camera wrap and delivery, this stunt was a fun all-hands-on-deck post production lollapalooza. Go Wildcats!

Disney Friends For Change Umbrella – Miley

In this kickoff spot for Disney's Friends for Change, Miley Cyrus challenged kids to come together to help save the planet.

Kids WB! "Alter Egos" Image Campaign (with Blur Studio)

For our 9th year shaping Kids' WB!'s image, we transformed its rubbery logo and water tower into “alter egos” inspired by Japanese design.

WB "My Generation" Image Campaign

Our "My Generation" campaign for the WB was the culmination of our six-year partnership creating their on-air look.